A Statement Regarding the Abuse Scandal Within the Southern Baptist Convention

To our Church Family,

Over the past few weeks we have heard true and heartbreaking stories from victims who have suffered greatly because of hidden sin and abuse. We have also recognized that these victims have suffered even more due to mishandlings by certain leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention and that our churches and denomination are more divided than ever. We want you at Calvary Road to know, we do not take these matters lightly. We understand the days are evil, and we must walk in wisdom.

Please know that the pastoral staff are aware of this situation and are in prayerful consideration of how we move forward together as a church body. We desire not only to see biblical resolution of these matters but also to see that the Gospel is being faithfully represented throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. 

As we move forward, we are going to ensure the integrity of God’s church and those who bear His image by doing everything we can. One critical step will be evaluating our current bylaws, policies, and church membership in order to better effectively represent and promote the right biblical standards within Calvary Road. 

In light of these things, we want you to know that over the next several months we are prayerfully considering our next steps that we will take as a church in order to continue to walk faithfully and be found faithful in God’s sight. One thing we want to assure you: we will never abandon His word and the foundation of the rock that is Christ, by which we stand.

If any of you have been affected in any way, shape or form by the sexual abuse and moral failure that has taken our denomination by storm, please reach out to us as we have people ready and willing to walk with you through this healing process.

We love you, Church. May we stay and remain faithful unto Him and seek first the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

The Pastoral Staff of Calvary Road Baptist Church

(You can download a PDF copy of this statement as well.)